Does ChatGPT Replace Google for Finding Local Businesses?

ChatGPTvsGoogle for Local Businesses

What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an amazing new tool that is an AI powered chatbot.  

I asked ChatGPT, “what are you” and it responded,”I am a language model developed by OpenAI, designed to generate human-like text based on the input provided to me. My primary function is to assist with answering questions and generating text based on patterns I have learned from the data I was trained on.”

ChatGPTvsGooglefor Local Businesses
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ChatGPT is Remarkable. 

Start playing around with ChatGPT and you will immediately understand why ChatGPT is quickly spreading in popularity. There is nothing like it. Sure Alexa and Google can answer some basic inquires but ChatGPT is so much more. 

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ChatGPT is Impressive But How Does ChatGPT Impact Local SEO?

After using ChatGPT and seeing it’s impressive potential, I wondered how it will work for SEO and if it can replace Google as recent articles have implied.  

Specifically, I wondered how ChatGPT performed in regards to finding local businesses in my area. 

ChatGPT Local Business Results

I answered this question very quickly by simply asking ChatGPT for  “local video production companies located in Sterling Heights, Michigan.”

Each time I asked ChatGPT for local businesses it listed different companies in a different hierarchy. The results were of various unfamiliar companies. A completely different list of companies than Google generated. 

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google my business local seo results

ChatGPT vs Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) produces accurate results for current local businesses. ChatGPT does NOT. 


Google Wins

When it comes to finding local businesses Google is better than ChatGPT. 

  1. Google knows your physical location as well as the physical location of the business and lists them in hierarchal order of nearest to farthest.
  2. Google provides an abundance of information on each business it lists, i.e., photos, reviews, description, address, phone number, websites, etc. ChatGPT simply lists a name.
  3. All of ChatGPT’s information is from before 2021. Even if ChatGPT provided everything listed above, its  list would be void of any recently listed newer businesses. 
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Know your place. When it comes to finding local businesses do not use ChatGPT, use Google.  

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