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Check how your business appears online
Banish bad business listings with 3VS Local Listings
Incorrect business listings are frustrating for customers and hurt your search rankings. Take control of your business listings with 3VS Listings. We have direct integrations with the industry’s largest network of maps, apps, search engines, and social networks, so your locations perform better in search and your customers find you at the moment of decision. Read on to learn more.
Kiss manual updates goodbye.
Manual listings updates are tedious, and aggregator solutions deliver unpredictable results. With 3VS Listings, we update once and publish updates across the entire Listings Network, giving you real-time control and guaranteeing that your listings are accurate everywhere, every time.
A job … well, done.
Once you’ve created a business listing or published an update, you don’t want anything overriding your work. 3Vs’ patented process protects your data from unauthorized changes. Our patented technology also verifies the status of your listings so you instantly know when each one is live.
Enhance listings. Entice customers.
Achieve more with your listings with our patented Clickable Featured Message™. Add promotional links and calls to action right in your listings, driving traffic directly back to your website. From evergreen offers to seasonal specials, you’ll showcase what matters most to customers at the local level.
Put the metrics to work.
Get a clear picture of your search impressions. 3VS Analytics gives you a glimpse into how consumers are engaging with your brand across local online channels. Segment your audiences by device, publisher, and the terms they are searching for — then use that data to engage the right customers in the right ways at the right time.
Google My Business — made easy.
Google is the most prominent provider of search, maps, and apps on which your business can appear, but manually updating your digital knowledge can be a painful process. Thanks to 3VS integration with Google My Business, you can make updates to the facts about your business directly in our platform and publish them to Google in real-time. Read on to learn how we make updating Google My Business simple and quick.
Save time.
Billions of searches are made by consumers on Google’s properties every day, so you want the data they can see about your business to be accurate. The 3VS API Listings Network gives you the unprecedented control and speed you need to power accurate information across Google Search, Google Maps, Waze, Google+, and more.
Gain enhanced functionality.
By updating Google through 3VS, you can take advantage of unique capabilities beyond what’s possible through manual management (or even the Google My Business API). Our Publisher Suggestions feature automatically reverts consumer-suggested edits to your listings, enabling you to accept or reject them directly from 3VS.
Take advantage of advanced access.
Everyone likes to be first. And as Google continues to make enhancements to the Google My Business API, you may be able to take advantage of new capabilities through 3VS before they become available in the Google My Business dashboard. With access like this, you can stay ahead of the competition and utilize the latest updates right away.
Streamline your work.
Complete and consistent listings across the search ecosystem can improve your Google presence. By making 3VS your single source of truth for the digital knowledge about your business, you can manage your business on Google, and on all of the other maps, apps, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks that consumers use to search.
Take control of your local SEO.
Every search is a local search. Using 3VS to manage your local listings, your locations and people will perform better in search results and your customers will find the information they need. Read on to learn how we help local businesses improve their local SEO.
Find your center.
Save time and ensure your information is correct across channels by centralizing your data. 3VS enables you to power your internal systems, website, and mobile app, along with our entire Maps, Apps, Search Engines and Social Networks, all from a single central source. Search engines will trust your site and consumers will find you more easily.
Be consistent.
One of the keys to local SEO is making sure your data is consistent everywhere. Our custom-built local landing pages and integration-based partnerships with Google, Apple, Facebook, and over 100 other third-party apps, maps, and directories mean you can be sure your information is the same — everywhere.
Power rich experiences.
Intelligent services are answering questions about your brand every day by providing reviews, locations, people and events as structured data in search engines or as voice responses. SEO is no longer about just showing up first in a list of results, but providing the right information to consumers through rich experiences. If the data on your web pages is accurate, consistent and optimized, these intelligent services consider your website to be an authoritative source, and they will use your data to power these rich experiences.
Be clear. Be crawlable.
You need your information to be easy to read — both for customers and for intelligent systems. 3VS Directories, Locators, and Local Pages are built according to industry standards and best practices. We tag every field, from categories, to hours, to events, ensuring search engines understand all your information, so it shows up in search and powers the rich experiences provided by intelligent services.
Voice search is here. Is your business ready?
Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana. These intelligent services have become household names, with 71% of people now using voice search for common tasks. The use of voice-enabled speakers will rise 130% by 2019, and it is estimated that 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice or image by 2020. These trends are already creating a seismic shift in how consumers find information about your brand. Are you ready?
Take control of your digital knowledge.
With voice search usage and services both proliferating, it’s more important than ever to keep your business information up to date wherever consumers (and search engines) are looking. With 3Vs, you can control all the facts about your business in one place, across 100+ leading services, including Google, Apple, and Bing.
Optimize your website for voice search.
Voice search engines rely on structured data to provide rich results like hours, addresses, or photos. So you need to ensure your site’s content is structured in a way these services understand. With 3VS Listing Tags, we can add dynamic structured data (known as Schema) to your website.
Banish bad answers.
Duplicate listings, inaccurate addresses, wrong hours. Voice search results only give users one answer, with less context than conventional search. That means it’s even more critical that you eliminate incorrect info before Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant finds it. Upon implementation, all 3Vs clients benefit from our rigorous data cleansing process to ensure their data is formatted consistently and completely.
Local landing pages built for SEO.
When consumers want to visit you, they want to find locally relevant content — not a generic, corporate webpage. 3VS Local City Pages are optimized to show up in search engines, so your mobile customers can quickly find relevant, accurate data about your nearest locations. Read on to learn how we help local businesses get found online.
Be clear. Be crawlable.
You need your information to be easy to read — both for customers and for crawlers. 3Vs Local City Pages are built according to industry standards and SEO best practices. We tag every field, from categories, to hours, to events, ensuring that search engines can find and understand all of your information and deliver it to mobile searchers immediately.
Responsive design that pops.
Your customers are mobile. Give consumers the best experience, no matter what type of device they are using to search, with 3Vs. Our local landing pages are responsive and mobile first, so each and every one of your locations is able to earn attention from customers for the right reasons.
Let us do the work.
3Vs Local City Pages are custom-made by our in-house, SEO experts according to industry standards and your specific business needs. Your local landing pages will not only integrate with the 3Vs API, but also with any internal systems you need. Relevant, up-to-date, and integrated? Yes, yes, and yes.
Measure your success.
3Vs Analytics give you a glimpse into how consumers are engaging with your brand across local online channels. Segment your audiences by device, publisher, and the terms they are searching for — then use that data to engage the right customers in the right ways at the right time.

Help hungry consumers find you fast.

Smart devices, voice assistants, and AI are changing the way people make dining decisions. Consumers search for food more than any other business category, so you need to make sure you show up no matter where, when, or how they’re searching.
3VS for Food puts you in control of the public facts about your restaurant brand — everywhere people are searching. Serve hungry consumers the information they crave, so they find their way to your tables, counters, and drive-thrus.

Make streamlined menu management a reality.

When a customer is looking for somewhere to eat, they’re usually choosing between at least three options. And the main source of information differentiating each restaurant from the next is the menu. With 3Vs, you can centralize this rich information by connecting with the many systems your restaurant utilizes every day — like your POS, CMS, third party delivery partners, discovery sites, and many others. Read on to learn how 3VS can help you streamline your menu data.
Slice and dice, any way you like.
3Vs flexible API enables you to control your menu information from one place. Whether your menus are developed on a national, regional, or local level, you can organize and store all of your menus — any way you like.
Make your menu items stand out.
59% of consumers say they always, or frequently, look at pictures of food online before choosing where to dine out. Make sure consumers can find all the juicy details about your business — by adding rich information about your menu items, including calories, photos, and more.
Tell consumers you serve what they’re craving.
Make sure consumers can find the one thing that confirms you serve what they’re craving — your menu. With menu syncing, you can publish structured menus and menu URLs across the our online partner network, including sites like Zomato,, Postmates, and more.
Empower local managers.
We know how difficult it can be to collect local menu information, but with 3Vs sophisticated permissioning and approval workflows, you can capture the data you need to keep local menu information up-to-date. Allow local managers to edit the information they know best — like special menu items and prices — while maintaining corporate control.
We partner with the best.
3VS integrates with hundreds of leading brands to keep your business information and data up to date — everywhere it counts.
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