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3VS makes it easy to Fire Up Your Fans and generate powerful, authentic reviews that you can add to your website to drive more business from intelligent search.

Frustrated with 3rd party reviews on Google, Yelp and/or Facebook? Do you have fake reviews from nonexistent customers or competitors?  Have you reached out to the 3rd party to try and remedy bad reviews? How’d that work out?

3VS Reviews helps you unlock your brand’s true rating by generating authentic reviews directly from your customers. Ensure your ratings are consistent across the 3VS Local Maps, Apps & Directories Network so you win more business from holistic search.

3VS is excited to present 3VS Reviews! 3VS Reviews uses your actual customers to leave 1st party reviews on YOUR website! Not on Google or Yelp or Facebook.
When you ask a customer for a review you need to make the process easy. If they have an Apple phone, they have to login to Google 1st. Don’t have a Google account? Now they have to create one. Facebook? Login and/or create one. On a different device? At work? You get the point.
3VS Reviews simplifies and streamlines the process. Give us the customer name and email or mobile phone number. We send them an attractive message saying that we appreciate their feedback and request they rate your business.
Once a customer leaves a review it gets quarantined and allows you to respond and decide to publish it or not (in the case of a fake review). We post all of your reviews on your service and product pages. These reviews combined with coding your website using SEO /Internet Marketing results in the Review Stars listed in search results on Google! See example below.
See example below. Which company stands out?
Answer = our client! 
Which Business Link Stands Out?
STARS in intelligent search.
Your customers are your most important source of feedback. Their ratings and reviews impact how search engines and other customers make decisions about your brand everyday. If you don’t pay attention to this important source of customer feedback, you could be leaving revenue on the table.
3VS Reviews helps you generate authentic, first-party reviews directly from your customers, which can help you stand out in today’s new search experiences. And you can monitor and respond to reviews across the 3VS Listings Network, uncovering new opportunities to improve your operations and win more business.
To show ratings in organic search results, Google now requires that you generate your own reviews directly from your customers. It’s easier than it sounds. 70% of consumers will leave a review if you just ask them to! 3VS Review Generation makes it easy to Fire Up Your Fans and collect reviews from customers — any way you choose.
No Fake Reviews
3VS Review Quarantine feature allows you to screen the reviews you generate for up to 7 days before they go live and automatically flags inauthentic or inappropriate reviews for removal. This quarantine period also allows you to address authentic but negative feedback before it goes live — to turn your haters into fans.
Stay informed and improve customer relationships.
3VS makes it easy to continue the conversation, improve relationships with all your customers, and show prospects and customers alike that you’re listening.
Stay informed with Review Monitoring.
Google. Facebook. Yelp. There’s no shortage of places where consumers can leave you feedback, and with multiple locations listed across hundreds of sites, simply staying on top of it all can seem insurmountable. Review Monitoring leverages 3VS direct integrations with sites across the 3VS Listings Network to pull all your reviews, from every location, into a single dashboard so you can stay informed at scale.
No-guesswork notifications.
Review Notifications alert you the moment 3VS detects a new review. Schedule updates to come in as you get reviews, or on a cadence that works with your schedule.
Engage with customers on their terms.
Address negative feedback and acknowledge happy customers with 3VS Review Response. Respond to reviews directly from 3VS, or click out to the page where a review lives. Either way, 3VS makes it easy to continue the conversation, improve relationships with all your customers, and show prospects and customers alike that you’re listening.
Collaborate and maintain brand control.
Brand control is critical when you empower franchisees, agents, advisors, or other local managers to respond to customer reviews. 3VS flexible workflows support the processes and controls of your business so you can give users as much or as little access to respond to customers as you’d like.
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