Basic WordPress Managed Website

$249.99 /month*

Our Basic Editable Web 2.0 website has a back-end login dashboard. You can edit aspects of the website including text,  imagesvideos and more. We build our Basic Editable Web 2.0 Website using WordPress, which is one of the most popular CMS website platforms.

Our Basic Editable Web 2.0 Website is template based in design styles. We have various template layouts and designs that you can select from. Once you select a layout/template that you like we will customize the graphics and images with content that you supply or royalty free graphics and images.

Our websites are responsive. That means the website will display correctly on ALL devices, monitors, tablets, smart phones, TVs and projectors.

This is a completely customized template website, which means that it is built from a template, however each and every aspect of the website is personalized, crafted & created to best fit your business design, needs and function.

*12-month commitment required. Development fee required to initiate design and development. Monthly payments begin 6 months after contract signed.


Why The 3VS Managed Website?

Our Managed Website Plans remove the initial high cost of designing and developing a website. They also give you everything that you need in a Turnkey package to jump start your website so that it is completed as quickly, easily and seamlessly as possible.

Additionally, our managed websites come with 24/7 support to ensure that your website and online reputation are always up and running optimally.

Peace of Mind & ROI

Todays websites are complex and ever-changing. Automatic and manual updates to browsers, devices, PC’s, Mac’s, Code, HTML, Java, PHP, WordPress, Themes, Plugins and software break websites constantly. When your website is broke you lose leads, sales and your business reputation.

3VS managed websites streamline the website process by including a Domain Name, Managed Hosting, Design & Development, Maintenance, Security and Backups to ensure that your business and it’s online reputation are always running strong 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Everything That's Included

WEB 2.0 – Editable

Login – WordPress

A Web 2.0 Website is a “dynamic website“ meaning that you have a login and can edit the content yourself. Web 2.0 websites are much more complicated and consist of a MySQL Database in addition to your website files & folders. These websites MUST be updated and maintained.

Domain Name

Whether it’s your company name or a strategic name that functions for internet marketing, we have you covered. We will help you research and find the perfect domain.
Your website deserves a great Domain name. A Domain name is one component of a website trifecta: the others being Hosting, Design & Development. This domain name is optional. We can use a domain that you already own. Your website will be built on only 1 domain name.

Managed Standard Hosting

WordPress Standard Shared

All the text, graphics and images for your website have to physically sit somewhere so that internet browsers can populate and display your website. This is what hosting provides. Think of it as a hard drive located in “the cloud.“ Hosting is included in our managed website subscriptions. Managed website subscriptions require the use of our server hosting.

Internet Marketing Level 1 & 2

5 Keywords

SEO Level: 1-OnPage & 2-Dynamic Content

Internet Marketing (SEO) means optimizing your website so that it shows up in search results from Google, Bing & Yahoo for your products & services.

  1. LEVEL 1: Onpage Organic SEO
  2. LEVEL 2: Dynamic Web 2.0 Website – Fresh content
  3. LEVEL 3: Backlinks
  4. LEVEL 4: Schema Markup

Content Updates

Every 3 Months

Things change. Phone numbers, addresses, events, promotions. Your website needs to reflect these changes. Our managed subscriptions include updates.

Mobile Friendly – Responsive

Responsive means the content of your website is scaled & adjusted to be displayed optimally based on the screen size it’s being displayed on.

Premium Image Slider

5 Image Slides | Buttons

Image sliders (also known as image carousels or slideshows) can be a great way to display multiple images, videos, or graphics on your website. The thought of big, beautiful, flashy image shows can be quite alluring. Compelling images can draw new visitors into your site, capturing their attention immediately.

Contact Form

Basic Contact Form

All images and graphics will be used from our huge royalty free library. Requested or unique, niche images and/or graphics that are not available currently in our library are available for additional costs.

Royalty Free Images & Graphics

Stock Photos & Custom Graphics

All images and graphics will be used from our huge royalty free library. Requested or unique, niche images and/or graphics that are not available currently in our library are available for additional costs.

Basic CMS Maintenance & Support

WordPress, Free Plugins, & Basic App Updates

Just like your smart phone and its apps require updates, so does your website, its apps and plugins. Our managed subscriptions include updates.

Up to 5 Pages

Content Text Provided by Client

5 total pages. Your pages can be anything you want, including a biography or about us page, a history page, a product or service page or specific city pages for SEO. Portfolio pages are limited to a total of 35 photos. Additional pages available at a cost of $20 per page per month.

New Site Design

Every 4 Years

Web technology moves extremely fast. Receive a new site design every 5 years to ensure you’re ahead of the times and your competitors.

New Web Page

Every 12 Months

Receive a new web page every 12 months as long as you remain on on a managed website plan.

Backups & Security


Your businesses online presence (website) is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available to every county around the world. Things happen: more than you think. That’s why we back up our clients websites regularly as well as implement various layers of security to prevent your business website and your customers from being compromised.

Our Web Design & Development Work.

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